You and I both know that you have a big mission in the world.

You're probably an energy healer, intuitive, empath or other type of light-worker no matter what your actual "JOB title" is.

And that means you know we are now in a time of newer, faster energy.  Which is why it's even more important that we all take time for more consistent alignment to our highest destiny timelines. 

Feel into what you want the most help with and book your session so we can get to work. 

And I'm so excited for you to join me in aligning to the highest frequency version of YOU! 

 The goal with your alignment session is to assist you in re-aligning with yourself and your highest harmonics of light. We'll do this through a variety of ways, and I'll use super high frequency crystal bowls that are made from the highest vibration crystals and coated in platinum (the best at conducting frequency) - these sound tools support you in tuning in to your highest harmonics of light.

When you know exactly what this feels like, you can easily do it each day for yourself - so that you can consistently be in your highest frequency. Because when you are in your highest frequency, you can call in just about anything you need to support you on your big mission in life. And you can serve at the levels you were meant to serve with ease, fun and joy.

You'll of course get a recording of your session that you can listen to any time to help you boost up your manifestation powers.

Here's to you and your light,

tune into the highest frequency of you
Crystal SoundBath Alignment session

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